Meatballs with Vegetables

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this is the cast iron pots and Dutch Oven era! A lot of craze about it!! Just as I was thinking of getting one myself, my close friend Mariam’s mom got one for me! What an amazing gift!!! :)))

I’ve tried a few things in it and well, I must say, it works perfectly! Or maybe its just psychological and my food just tastes great anyway :p

And the best thing is if you are really struggling on what to cook, just throw in a bunch of ingredients and stick it in the oven and voila…you get an amazing meal!

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Chocolate Pudding

I’ll make this as short and delicious as possible!! :)))

This is one of the easiest desserts you can prepare…and it’s a quick fix to chocolate and sweet cravings..

I make this with unsweetened cocoa powder…really brings out the chocolate flavour. And this time, I had some leftover chocolate cake trimmings that I added to the bottom of the cups! (I have hearts coming out of my eyes!)


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Steak Rolls with Multicolored Peppers and Mushrooms

It’s been ages since I’ve been active on the blog; and as lazy as I might seem, honestly, so much has been happening in the past couple of months. Some good, some not too good.

The latest happy moment that has been added to our family’s book of memories is, my baby sister (who is not really a baby anymore, but it took us a while to realize she actually grew up)  got engaged :)) So we were quite busy with the preparations.

However, another turning point in our lives is, my parents, who have lived in Saudi Arabia since 1980, have retired and returned home – back to Istanbul. Now, of course for those of you who are expatriates living far away from your home can understand this…however, for the first time, for me and my siblings, we are experiencing what is called ‘gurbet’ in Turkish…which basically translates to ‘being away from your country’ or ‘being in a foreign country’. You see, being raised in Saudi Arabia, we always felt like it was home to us. With my parents leaving, the place we actually called ‘home’ for 30+ years is now a foreign land to us. This comes to prove that home is where your loved ones are, regardless of where you have spent your life.

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Chocolate Chip Rolls

It’s been a while… Things have been running wild and keeping me busy as we approach the end of 2013..

but I’m back…and I’m ready to bake..and take photos and post!! Yaay me!

I baked these rolls in August..that’s how backlogged my recipes are :/

They are super easy to make and they definitely are a crowd pleaser. Best thing, you can prep them before hand and keep them refrigerated for a couple of days until you’re ready to bake them!

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Blueberry Cake

My sister got this heart shaped bundt cake pan for herself…and although she tried to find another one for me, she couldn’t. So what does she do? She sends me hers…all the way from Austin, Texas. That’s how my sister is…sending me something she loves just to make me happy! You can find this heart shaped bundt pan on Amazon: Nordic Ware 55548 Cast-Aluminum Elegant Heart Bundt Pan




Now coming to this post…I’m not a fan of blueberries…for those who’ve been checking out my blog regularly, you probably already know that I LOVE raspberries, and strawberries. But blueberries are not my thing. But then this cake… this amazing cake! What can I say; this cake just changes my ‘feelings’ for blueberries! :)

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Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake

Today we fasted the 7th day of the Holy month of Ramadhan…the month where millions of muslims fast from dusk to sunset for 30 days (or 29 depending on the lunar cycle).

In reality, although it may seem that the fasting that’s going on is refraining from eating or drinking, it is not! There’s more to this glorious month


This month is the month of cleansing…cleansing your mind, body and soul..


And, we cleanse  every day over and over again for 30 days with the hope that our good and positive actions remain habits…and, with the hope that our bad habits are dropped permanently…

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Eggplant Salad in Crispy Cups

We’re salading today…and not just any salad…

Eggplant Salad…and we’re mixing in some peppers..

and some potatoes..

and we top it off with a delicious yogurt mayonnaise and garlic sauce!!

oh and guess what…

we’re serving it in edible cups…edible crispy cups!! And we’re doing it all right here…right now!!! :)))

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Simple Strawberry Tart

After a long break, I’m back…hopefully for good this time! I’ve been busy with work..I still am but I’m planning to manage my time more efficiently!

I went home, to Istanbul for two weeks and I had a great, but short holiday! Will post on that later with lots of gorgeous pics! :

Todays post is with one of my favorites fruits…Strawberries!!


I have a friend…I think it’s safe to call her a friend although we only met through Instagram :)

She’s a blogger in New York;  NY’s Delight . A while ago she posted this recipe that she adapted from Gail Simmons’s Talking with My Mouth Full, and being a strawberry lover myself, I got to the kitchen!

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The Best Carrot Cake EVER!

My sister-in-law Betul makes the best carrot cake I have ever tasted..and I’m not exaggerating. I know that when ever my brother’s friends want to hang out at his place, she always stocks up on this deliciousness!! And they always finish it to the last crumb!

I’ve been wanting to get the recipe from her for a long time but never got the chance…until recently…

…and when I made it for the first time, A) I was so excited and B) I couldn’t believe at how easy it was to make!!!

I thought I was doing something wrong…but when it was finally done…Oh my God..yumminess at it’s maximum. It’s no secret that I love and prefer chocolate cakes..but I think this is one cake that can compete with a luscious chocolate cake!! :))

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Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Whipped Cream

chocolate raspberry cake 1


Sometimes you just want plain ol’ cake….


but then sometimes…..


you want a decadent chocolate cake exploding with all your favorite flavors…


and what better than raspberry whipped cream???


Let’s just let the cake do the talking! ;)

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