Born in Turkey, raised in Saudi Arabia, settled in Bahrain…this makes me 100% Turkish with a little touch of Arab. I was raised in a Turkish household with Turkish values but with friends from all around the world. I guess a bit of the multi-culture rubbed off on me ;)

As we were growing up, my mother made sure that my sisters and I took part in some kind of kitchen work as she was cooking or baking. That being said, I must add that I have yet to meet a housewife and cook as talented as my mother. The kitchen was, is, and, will always be her all time hobby. As tired as she would get, I believe that to her, working in the kitchen was somewhat therapeutic. Whether it was washing the dishes, stirring something, or helping her stuff dough or vegetables, she had us by her side at all times with the hopes that some of her talents would rub off on us. And I believe it did. However, to her surprise, our hidden talents surfaced after we got married (well my younger sister’s hidden talents are still hidden :))

My passion for cooking and baking came after I got married…my husband, who is not Turkish, but who is a big time foodie, fell in love with Turkish cuisine at my hands. I guess seeing his reaction to my cooking and baking motivated me more.

And then started the blogs…I started browsing several great blogs and started practicing baking at a different level, and it makes me proud to say, I surprised my parents greatly with the new concoctions I introduced to them every Friday, when we went to visit them (in Saudi Arabia).

In addition  to the baking, I developed a passion for food styling and food photography. Currently I’m in the process of constantly practicing and attending photography workshops.

If you have any enquiries about photography or my recipes, please feel free to contact me through the Contact page.